Egyptian Theatre Addition, Remodeling & HVAC Project

DeKalb, Illinois

The Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, IL was constructed in 1929. Original plans had to be scaled back because of the Depression and the theatre was completed without sufficient support spaces that modern theatres require.  Despite its shortcomings, the theatre has maintained its presence in the community.

The new addition provides much needed expanded Restrooms at both First Floor and Mezzanine levels, storage space, and a new Expanded Foyer and Concessions at the Mezzanine level. A new HVAC system provides heating & cooling to the addition as well as the existing building allowing the theatre to operate 12 months of the year. Renovations of the First Floor Foyer include new Concessions, lighting, and carpeting, with custom plaster coves and detailing to fit the Egyptian revival style of the original theatre.

While the Egyptian Theatre has operated for over 100 years without the addition, the new addition and HVAC systems will allow the theatre to continue to grow and bring more patrons to the theatre and the surrounding community.

Client: Preservation of Egyptian Theatre, Inc.

Project Size: 13,232 SQ. FT.

Completed: 2020