Manning Residence Remodel

DeKalb, Illinois

Sometimes even a small addition can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a project, especially a home.  The client had an annoying problem: their Family Room wasn’t working for them.  The existing circulation pattern made the sitting area incredibly inefficient, forcing people to cross through the room to enter the house from the garage or to enter the sunroom at all, rendering the room all but unusable.  By extending the Family Room and moving the fireplace out we were able to dedicate the space required for a true Family Room for day to day use, as well as to entertain on special occasions.  The addition also included extended space for the laundry room, to which reworked and expanded cabinetry was added, as well as a garage entry/mud room space and a separate golf cart garage.  The final product is a home significantly more functional and attractive with the addition and modification of just a few spaces.  We are sure the home will be enjoyed by our clients for many years to come. 

Client: Manning Family