Stage Coach Theatre Renovations

DeKalb, Illinois

Stage Coach Players theatre was in dire need of attention.  The exterior of the building was falling into disrepair.  Large glass block openings had been covered from the inside with drywall and broken from the outside by vandals.  Exterior doors and frames were rusted and swollen and difficult to operate.

First step in renovations was to clean the existing stone and masonry.  Gentle cleaning and power washing proved effective and the appearance was much improved.  Tuckpointing was done on approximately 20% of the facade.  Next step was the replacement of pre-finished metal copings at the top of the building and around the main entry.  A new copper penny-colored aluminum was selected for new metal siding for the covered openings and for the front entry.  The sleek profile worked well with the art deco style of the building.  The remaining areas of glass blocks were repaired and broken blocks replaced.

Water control at the back side of the building was achieved by directing new downspouts underground to the existing stormwater system. Future plans for the building include additional site improvements that were currently beyond their budget.

Upgrades to the building’s mechanical and electrical systems included new fresh air supply systems for the lower level which was being used for rehearsal purposes.  One of the most noticeable improvements was a new system of color-changing LED lighting for the front lobby which wash the large glass block wall surrounding the front door.  


Client: Stage Coach Players

Project Size: 20,290 SQ. FT.

Completed: 2016